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Dear Paintball Skirmish,
On behalf of my group who played on Wednesday 18th July, 2007, I just
wanted to extend our warmest thanks to you. You are absolutely aweosme!
The day was fantastic and full of adrenaline thanks to you guys.

We learnt great team work skills and had an wicked time "killing" our
friends on the opposing team. The majority of us hadn't played previously
and we were dead scared, but your staff and referees were brilliant,
understanding and helped us out immensely.

The different fields were amazing! The first game with the generals, I
just sat there screaming, hearing the force of the paintballs against the
plank of tin I was hiding behind...but the second time around, the refs
pretty much told me where and when to run haha I killed two people! :D I
even did this super cool skid on my knees...which I later regretted coz of
the massive ass bruise that came from it. But then we came to realise that
without the bruises, it would have been a waste if time. So we proudly
showed off and compared our battle scars with our friends...I still reckon
mine were the best.

So thank you again Skirmish Paintball!!
We can't wait to play again!
Summer holidays it is :)

Sincerely yours,
Jess and Friends


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