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If you have any further queries or wish to make a booking then please feel free to contact us .


Phone:   9248 1693 (All Enquiries)
Fax:   9248 7136 (All Faxes)
Email:   info@paintballskirmish.com.au
Office address:   Unit 6, 13 Townsend Road, Malaga WA 6090
Office open hours:   Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm




 Venue Location


North (Click Map for print version)
West Swan

Swan Valley

Corner of Gnangara Rd & West Swan Rd

in the Edgecombes Café/Winery



•    Bookings are essential and are subject to availability
•    All bookings require a deposit of $20 per person at least 2 weeks prior to day of play to
      confirm the booking    
•    We reserve the right to cancel or change your booking date and/or session at any time
      under any circumstances that include -
      less than 20 players on the day and conditions outside of our control (weather, safety
      hazards on fields, staff required and/or maintenance on fields and/or equipment)
•    All bookings have a minimum 7 days prior to day of play cancellation policy. No refunds of
     deposits and/or payments will be given outside these terms. Changes of date & time will
     be subject to availability.
•    No refunds will be given for “No-Show” players on the day

Vouchers & Offers
•    You must state if using a voucher at the time of making a booking, otherwise normal
      pricing will apply.
•    All vouchers must be surrendered on day of play
•    All special offers, vouchers and deals are Not available in conjunction with any other offer
•    Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.

•    Players must be 12 years or over to play Paintball. Ages 12 to 15 will need a parent or
     guardian 18 years+ to accompany them, ages 16 and over can play unattended.
•    All players MUST pay their bill on the day of play.
•    We reserve the right to refuse a player if they are displaying inappropriate behaviour
     according to our policies and rules as outlined in our “Terms of Participation”
     registration form.
•    You agree to our “Terms and Conditions” once you have made a deposit or payment for
     your booking.



Phone 9248 1693 info@paintballskirmish.com.au
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